AEROTANK installation instructions

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Normal Ground Conditions

  1. Excavate pit allowing 300mm space around tank. Depth determined by proposal ground level i.e. lid level equal to finished ground level.

  2. Place 50mm sand in bottom of pit and ‘screed’ level.

  3. Place tank in pit, fill evenly across each chamber with clean water to 30% capacity.

  4. Connect pipework and insert electricity supply cable (as per electrical instructions).

  5. Check tank is level.

  6. Backfill with excavated material ensuring no sharp objects are included

  7. Fill tank to 100% capacity with clean water

Wet or ‘soggy’ ground conditions

  1. Ensure pit is free from water

  2. Backfill with concrete depth of pit


  1. Backfill with pea gravel.

  2. Lift tank with water inside.

  3. Place weight on top of tank i.e. digger bucket etc.

  4. Operate machinery in vicinity of installed tank.

  5. Site tank where ‘backflow’ or flooding can occur.

  6. Switch off electricity supply to tank as, under normal use, disruption will culminate in tank failing to perform properly.



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