Depending on your location there are varying methods of determining the specific system which is right for your individual needs. For areas outside Northern Ireland you may need to consult with the relevant authorities. For those living the North of Ireland the following procedures apply

If you have already received your Consent to Discharge from the NIEA, they will have specified which efficiency rating you must achieve. If you do not hold a Consent to Discharge you must apply to the NIEA to gain consent.

Application Form WO2 which is used to apply for Consent to Discharge Sewage Effluent from a single domestic dwelling in Northern Ireland is readily available to download free from the NIEA website. After you submit this Application Form to the NIEA, along with the relevant information and their fee, you will receive your consent to discharge specifying which efficiency rating you must achieve. Aerotank offer assistance with completing this form and carrying out percolation tests if required. Please contact our office for further information.

You may wish to use a higher standard tank than that specified by your Local Authority. The following would be a general guide.

95% standard is for soakaway to underground stratum only. 97.5% standard is generally used for discharge to a watercourse (Northern Ireland only). 98% standard is the equivalent of a tank and reed bed system and is generally used in environmentally sensitive areas i.e. Aquatic or Turbary.

How to choose the system suited to the population of the dwelling to be serviced is generally calculated on the basis of the number of bedrooms plus 2. This represents 2 persons in the master bedroom, and 1 person in each of the other bedrooms.

For guidance on sizing tanks for large population use i.e. club house, hall, factory, schools etc please contact us and a member of our team will be ready to offer assistance.

AEROTANK 95% (20/30)

AEROTANK 97.5% (10/15)

AEROTANK 98% (5/5)



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